…or “The Greatest LifeDay Ever Told”

Winner, Best Special Broadcast – Radio, College Broadcasters Inc 2014 Student Production Awards

It’s holiday season aboard the Carpathia, but Captain Derby is in no mood to celebrate. After cancelling LifeDay leaves for the entire crew and isolating himself in his quarters he is visited by the ghost (?) of Dr. Tobayashi, who warns him an emissary from a grand galactic race, is coming to teach him the true meaning of LifeDay. Upon arrival, the Grand Galactic Witnessinger presents Captain Derby with scenes of LifeDay past, showing him how he lost his holiday spirit and became the bitter, selfish man he is today.

Scott Ross – Captain Jack Derby
Phil Garland – Lt. James Perry, Grand Galactic Witnessinger
Justin Wilson – Ollie, Korgath, Chaz Remmington, Mr. Derby
Sara Leavens – Engineer Faye Chinsky, Deborah, Admiral Nevers, Mrs. Derby