…or “When I’m Gone Perry Me Deep”

A shadowy hacker has crashed the Carpathia’s computer and James Perry, private detective is on the case! Trading his pilot’s cap for a weatherbeaten fedora, Perry prods the ship’s seamy underbelly in pursuit of the one thing it seems money can’t buy: the truth. Will the stalwart first officer solve the mystery in time to salvage the Captain’s trade negotiations? Where does Ollie’s vidya game fit in all this? Why did Korgath cancel yoga? And who the hell is Lorraine?

Scott Ross – Captain Jack Derby, Merchant Dhe’Zeen
Phil Garland – Lt. James Perry
Justin Wilson – Ensign Ollie Klozerhoff, Korgath, Mortimer the Robutler
Sara Leavens – Faye Chinsky
Sara Kennedy – Lorraine Bain, Computer