The Young Learners Guide to American Wildlife is the online depository for the various ongoing projects spewed forth from the mind of Scott A. M. Ross, including the Dancing Bear Variety Hour podcast, originally aired on KJHK 90.7 FM.  All comics are drawn and inked (and occasionally painted) by hand because he doesn’t know how to use Photoshop. All photographs are taken with his antique Argus C3 or equivalent. Scott lives in Lawrence, KS where he’s pursuing an MFA in creative writing. And yes, he takes requests.

The main page boasts an impressive blog featuring photos, general musings, and various comics including Duckbox,something about a wizard, and the eponymous compendium of wildlife facts that started all this.
Writing, Etc. contains a sampling of writing projects and publications, and my CV.
The Dancing Bear Variety Hour  is a sketch comedy show written and produced by Scott Ross, Justin Wilson and Phil Garland. It features the science fiction serial The Adventures of the USS Carpathia in Outer Space.
The infrequently-updated Comics link will take you to my various humorous drawings, including the original Dancing Bear minicomic distributed in Columbia, MO.


Resident Naturalist Scott A. Ross

Contact: scottamross (at) younglearnersguide (dot) com


In the year 200X, scientists at Globos Industries International created the first free-thinking artificial intelligence. A computer with a mind of its own. A computer with the mind… of a duck. Follow Duckbox @ProjectDI45 on Twitter as he learns to navigate the strange new world outside the laboratory.