Here’s a checklist of today’s tasks still unfinished as of 11:06pm: graduation announcements, web pilot script, KJHK duties document, revise thesis for submission tomorrow. It goes on like that. While those are all important responsibilities to tend to, it seems I decided this evening should be spent making a new promo for Dancing Bear Variety Hour. And it’s awesome. Like the best radio work I’ve ever done. Or heard. And I just really wanted to share it with you. Behold:



If this is totally baffling to you, I’ve made this handy key based on increasing levels of generality. Stop when you see something you recognize:

  • AstroBase is the military organization of theĀ USS Carpathia
  • Which is the science-fiction series featured on the Dancing Bear Variety Hour
  • Which is a radio comedy show and podcast I run
  • Because I’ve spent the last two years working at KJHK
  • Because I’m in an MFA program at KU
  • Because I’m a writer
  • And my name is Scott
  • You really don’t know me, do you?

Anyhow, I encourage everyone to download this, spread it around, and enlist in AstroBase today.