Ever ask what rap would be like if the lyrics were rewritten to be children’s songs? Of course you have! And we did it! This spiritual episode starts with New God Flow, to new age mental aggression, to the Old God Flow – meaning friendly religious fundamentalists from Kansas.

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1. Kid Hop!

Everyone’s favorite radio personality, Peter Carson, returns to the Dancing Bear Variety Hour to promote his latest project: a collection of hip hop hits rerecorded with kid-friendly lyrics. Order today to enjoy classics like “In Da Tub” and “Must Be My Mommy”! (Scott Ross)

2. Psychic Frenemies Network

Everyone wants to believe that there’s something beyond this material life we lead – and the idea of receiving guidance from whatever mystic forces might be out there fascinates us. But sometimes that guidance is a little…bitchy. (Scott Ross)

3. Westboro Baptist Church Advertisement

DBVH originally hails from Lawrence, Kansas, a lovely college town just down the way from Westboro Baptist Church, famous for its acute hatred of… well basically everybody. But like Jesus probably once said, everyone deserves a second chance. So we decided to devote some airtime to helping WBC help improve their image! (Scott Ross)