…or “With Apologies to Harlan Ellison”

After receiving a hail from a planetary supercomputer, the Carpathia makes a stop at the run-down planet Bouniffalia. Eager to partake in alternative shore leave, Lt. Perry sets about building walls for wall-less locals. After Faye and Korgath ditch him for the planet’s volcanic spas, he teams up with a suspicious missionary from ReligiCorp. Meanwhile Ollie and Capt. Derby evaluate the artificial intelligence for personhood – though they’re more interested in assailing it with their personal beliefs.

Scott Ross – Captain Jack Derby, Father Matheson
Phil Garland – Lt. James Perry
Justin Wilson – Ensign Ollie Klozerhoff, Korgath, Bouniffle Mayor
Sara Leavens – Engineer Faye Chinsky, Artie the A.I.