I’m starting to get an ominous feeling of deja vu. It seems like the only posts I make any more are apologies for not updating the comic. Once again my excuse has to do with moving/vacation. This month I’ll be starting a three-year program at the University of Kansas to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing. It’s a very exciting opportunity to focus on my art, become a better writer and hopefully to work on developing as a cartoonist in conjunction with writing. As far as my day-to-day cartooning goes, however, it’s caused some disruption. I chalk it up to 1) spending the last week of July packing to vacate my apartment, 2) being currently homeless (and hence deprived of scanner and reliable internet access) and traveling while waiting to move into my new apartment in Lawrence on the 11th, and 3) being totally overwhelmed with paperwork and other preparations for the classwork and teaching I’m about to immerse myself into.

However – once I get settled in Lawrence, I fully intend to get back into posting regular strips. So if you’ve stuck around all summer through my many inconsistencies and missed deadlines I thank you, and rest assured that it will not be for nought. And to make up for my poor performance of late, I’ve scanned several issues of the Dancing Bear that I’ve hand-painted and am slowly uploading them to the site. Currently issues 2 and 8 are available in full color. Not the same as a fresh comic, I know, but I think it qualifies as new content. I think they look really good. Something about reposting them in color really adds to the quality. I think it’s more colorful, is the thing.

– sr