You may have noticed something different about the most recent strip. I’ll make no attempt to dissemble or prevaricate on the point: only by the most liberal definitions could this be considered a standard YLG animal-fact strip. That’s correct – I’m posting new content outside of the basic theme of the comic. While I’ve enjoyed the format of educational materials for nature-lovers I’ve also got a lot of other comic ideas churning around in my brain that I want to be able to share, and I’d hate for the fun theme of YLG to start feeling like a constraint. So consider this to be the opening salvo in what is sure to be a massive and violent barrage of new and different material.

This news may shock and upset, but I urge you to refrain from acts of violent protest or reprisal. This definitely doesn’t spell the end of the nature comics which my countless throngs of readers have come to cherish – rather it just means that rather than being themed, YLG is now the general dumping ground for the odd and occasionally distressing ideas that plop out of my brain. You can still think of it as a wildlife guide if you like, it would just be a rather avant garde reference text.