“When I was a young’un chasing across the North Dakota cotton fields, I never once I imagined I’d grow up to fly interstellar spaceships for AstroBase. Let alone that they’d make it the subject of a radio-talk dramatization program! Let alone that they’d ask me to write an introduction for the radio drama show they made about me flying interstellar spaceships for AstroBase! All things considered I’d say it’s just swell. And even if they did change anything, they made me seem even handsomer than real life!”

– James Perry, pilot and First Officer of the USS Carpathia



Episode 2: Bazaar Love Triangle, or, So Close and Yet so Balkovaar

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In the thrilling second installment of our science fiction adventure, a breakdown strands the Carpathia conveniently near a planet with a healthy aerospace industry. Derby and Faye attempt to blend in with local culture to find the parts they need while Lt. Perry and visiting Xenoanthropologist Hans set about repairing the engine – but end up repairing themselves. Kind of.


Scott Ross – Captain Jack Derby/Balkovaar King
Phil Garland – Lt. James Perry/Guard
Justin Wilson – Ollie/Hans/Scooter/Shopkeeper
Sara Leavens – Engineer Faye Chinsky/Balkovaarians