Bringing you the story of a humble wombat turned folk music legend, a celebrity appearance at a local elementary and one sensitive youth’s public radio documentary about life in the Midwest. Plus, the Tallest Building in Topeka Awards and our foray into opening monologues!

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1. Opening Monologue by Sara Leavens

2. Mitchel, The Harmonica-Playing Wombat

Go to a place located “behind” where “the music” is (no copyright violation there!) and hear the true story of Mitchel, a wombat who rose of the obscurity of the Wichita Zoo to the star-studded life of a professional harmonica player. (Justin Wilson)

3. Woody Allen Reading Series

Writer and filmmaker Woody Allen stops by St George’s Elementary to do a live reading of “Stone Soup” for the student body. (Scott Ross)

4. “River of Love”

Join Jack, a teenage intellectual and artistic spirit, as he chronicles his relocation from the East Coast to Cape Girardeau, MO and his attempt to find a place for a dreamer by the mighty Mississippi. Try hard not to think about Rushmore while listening. (Phil Garland)

5. Tallest Building in Topeka Awards