Hey everyone! You may have noticed – or not – that merchandise link up there at the top of the page. I guess I’ve forgotten to mention it directly, but in response to nonexistent demand I decided to make prints of some of my comics available. I’ve only uploaded a handful so far, but if you go to my RedBubble site you can order various kinds of prints and cards of YLG comics. Just imagine the excitement your loved ones will feel when they get a card from you featuring a caterpillar relishing the scent of its own gaseous expulsions! Depress your coworkers with a framed print celebrating life’s futility!

The selection is pretty limited right now, and I need to rescan some stuff that’s currently only available as cards, but check back for new content if you like. I’ve also got plans to redo some of the Dancing Bear favorites as full-size, higher-quality prints, so that’s exciting too. And of course if there are any old strips you want to see hanging on your wall, let me know and I’ll add it to the store lickity quick.

Okay, enough talk. Go buy stuff!