If you happen to be checking in and are strangely observant, maybe you’ve noticed things look a little different here. I’m currently in the midst of restructuring the site and things are a bit clunky right now. Basically I decided that since I’m spending a lot more of my time on projects that aren’t always comics-related, I should find a way to work that into the site so it doesn’t go months without an update. Ideally, this space can function as more of an all around Scott’s Creative World and Magical Dreams collection, and include more content that isn’t just drawings of animals.

But that’s really boring to talk about. What does it mean for you, dear reader? Hopefully more updates, more diverse content (I got plannnnns), and less boring posts about how “I guess I haven’t updated lately blah blah blah.” It also means that right now the site is in a bit of disrepair. I’m in the middle of reformating things, so a lot of posts are currently without comics. Similarly, navigation is pretty wacky. I’m working on that, and gaining a rough understanding of CSS in the process.

For now the best way to get around is probably to open up the most recent blog post by clicking on the title, then using the “previous” and “next” links. Yeah, this is all sounding crappier by the second. I’ll get it fixed soon, promise. Until then, for a taste of things to come, here’s a picture I took of an abandoned storefront in New Orleans.


0104 - Storefronts