My resolution for 2013 is to take one photo a day (no less, possibly more) and record the process online. I know this is a somewhat common endeavor in this era of digital photography, and there are even challenges out there with specific prompts for the different days of the month. I’m going about it in a slightly different way, however, by sticking exclusively to film. So no quick-and-easy iPhone shots, no do-overs if I mess it up, and no instant-uploading. For every picture, I have to wait until the roll is finished and developed to see how it turned out. So there will undoubtedly be the occasional blurry, overexposed, or out-of-focus snapshot. Obviously, I know what an audience wants.

To sweeten the deal further, I’ll be taking all the pictures (with the exception of the occasional disposable point-n-click) with my Argus C3. Nicknamed “the brick”, the C3 is a 100% manual camera. I have to adjust everything – aperture, range, shutterspeed – by hand based on my best estimations. Even the rangefinder is analog, so I’m never totally certain if the shot will be in focus or not. I bet you’re getting excited, huh? Oh, also the thing is rather bulky and weighs about two pounds, so it’s not exactly a joy to lug around. What can I say? I like a challenge.

But in spite of all the potential (definite) drawbacks, I think it’s an exciting project. I like the way film photography looks – it’s gritty and tangible. Taking the time to select a picture, knowing you won’t see how it turned out until it’s been developed, adds an element of concreteness to the process that makes it all seem much more valuable. Double that after fiddling around with the various switches and dials to make sure everything’s ready to go. As the year proceeds and I develop my film, I’ll post the results here to serve the double purpose of sharing my experiment with others and making sure I don’t get distracted and miss a day.

So without further ado, here are the first 5 of 365 daily photos for 2013, taken in New Orleans with a Kodak disposable.

1. Fence in Tree; New Orleans, LA; January 1, 2013

0101 - Fence in Tree

The massive and ancient live oaks are one of the most memorable features of New Orleans. The roots upend the sidewalks, the massive limbs hang out over the streets (sometimes having to be carved out to accommodate Mardi Gras floats), and when left unchecked they sometimes grow around fences and power lines.

2. Biking on St. Charles; New Orleans, LA; January 2, 2013

0102 - St Charles Biking

Here you can see one of the oaks that line St. Charles. Also a street car. Those are fun!

3. Obligatory Bourbon Street Snapshot; New Orleans, LA; January 3, 2013

0103 -Bourbon Street

Since I no longer live in New Orleans, I decided to play the part of the tourist and take a Bourbon Street shot. I did it during the day time because a flash wouldn’t do it justice and also it’s an awful, awful place at night.

4. Lucky Strike; New Orleans, LA; January 4, 2013

0104 - Storefronts

This is the front door of the “Super Fresh Meat Market” an abandoned grocery that was sitting open. There’s still a lot of blight and hurricane damage if you get off the beaten path in some parts of the city.

5. Live Oak; New Orleans, LA; January 5, 2013

0105 - Live Oak

Just another live oak shot. Aren’t they pretty?

And that’s it for this installment. Check back soon for the next 15 or so.