Here is the first roll of photos taken with the Argus C3. It’s definitely rougher than the disposable shots, which is a bit disappointing since the variety of options should theoretically give me the ability to take better pictures. But part of this project is mastering the settings and learning how to use my tools effectively, so let’s look at this as an evolving process, hey?

Right now I think that a lot of pictures were affected by unduly high shutter speed, due to a mechanical error on my camera. Luckily I (for some reason) have two C3s, and have switched to the one that will actually let me change the shutter speed. So let’s all get excited for the next roll. Enough talk. Picture time.

1. Radio Springs at Night; Nevada, MO; Jan 6, 2013

0106 - Radio Springs at Night

This was taken at Radio Springs Park in my hometown while I was walking the dog. It wasn’t as dark as it seems here, but this is the gazebo on the island, done up with Christmas lights.

2. Trumpeter Swans; Nevada, MO; January 7, 2013

0107 - Trumpeter Swans

For the last several years a park in Nevada has served as a stopover point for trumpeter swans, the largest waterfowl in North America. You can’t really see it here, but the Canada geese looked tiny by comparison. Truly huge birds.

3. Mass Street Hooligans; Lawrence, KS; January 8, 2013

0108 - Mass Street Hooligans
Here’s Justin and Joanna outside the Casbah. They’re a couple of cool cats.

4. Railroad Crossing and River Footprints; Lawrence, KS; January 9, 2013

0109 - Railroad Crossing

0109 - River Footprints
I’m kind of breaking my own rules here already, posting two images for one day, but I went to take a shot of the frozen river and wound up having a perfect opportunity to snap a shot of an oncoming train. When it came down to it I couldn’t make up my mind. But yes, those did appear to be footprints on the frozen river.

5. New Workspace; Lawrence, KS; January 10, 2013

0110 - New Workspace

I spent the 10th reorganizing my office. Exciting? No. But here’s evidence that it happened. (I’m sitting there now!)

6. Cool Cat; Columbia, MO; January 11, 2013

0111 - Cool Cat

For a few days there was a cat in my girlfriend’s apartment. It kept trying to get in the fridge, regardless of whether the door would close on it in the process.

7. New Development; Columbia, MO; January 12, 2013

0112 - New Development
Downtown Columbia is currently in the midst of a mad dash to tear down old buildings and throw up new student townhomes and high-rises in their place. The process has deformed downtown with hideous generic architecture and shows no sign of slowing. Progress!

8. Snowy Quad; Columbia, MO; January 13, 2013

0113 - Snowy Quad

I finally got a chance to see some snow this winter. It seemed like a perfect time for a cliche shot of the Mizzou campus. Timeless!

9. Window Cat; Columbia, MO; January 14, 2013

0114 - Window Cat
The cat also really liked getting in the window and chasing birds through the glass. He’s a bit camera shy.

10. Psycho!; Columbia, MO; January 15, 2013

0115 - Psycho!
Found a promotional cardboard thing for the Hitchcock film. Like all good finds it was in a stinking alley next to a dumpster.

11. Frozen Gutters; Columbia, MO; January 16, 2013

0116 - Frozen Gutters

I apparently love winter weather, or at least frozen water. I wish I could have gotten a bit more clarity here, the water was still rippled and runneled, as though frozen in mid-gush.

12. End of an Era; Columbia, MO; January 17, 2013

0117 - End of an Era

I stopped in to the going out of business sale at Streetside Records with Karen and Joanna. It’s been an institution for college kids looking to spend their parents money since I was in college. A metaphor for the state of traditional media? Perhaps. Also, I’m not sure what it’s sharing space with here, but little surprises are part of the fun of a manual-wound camera.

13. The King of Carrot Flowers; Lawrence, KS; January 18, 2013

0118 - Jeff Mangum
It’s hard to explain exactly how meaningful and evocative Neutral Milk Hotel’s music is. I was ecstatic to be able to see Jeff Mangum live at Liberty Hall. The place was completely packed and totally awestruck. Once in a lifetime.

14. Portrait of the Artist; Lawrence, KS; January 19, 2013

0119 - Portrait of the Artist
Experimenting with the “bulb” setting, which keeps the shutter open as long as the button is depressed.

15. Rooftop Ruffians; Lawrence, KS; January 20, 2013

0120 - Rooftop Ruffians
Phil and Anna on the roof porch. Look at them hooligans! PS it was really cold out there. Love for the long-suffering models.

16. Floral Vans; Lawrence, KS; January 21, 2013

0121 - Floral Vans
The floral shop by my house keeps a fleet of minivans on call. One was undergoing maintenance today. Even flower vans break down.

That’s it for this time. How does everyone like it so far?