What do you call somebody who does stories for radio? Or better yet, what do you call the act? Writing? Reporting? Producing? Whatever the answer, I sometimes do all three (or rather I always do all three, sometimes) for Ad Astra News on KJHK. For our most recent show, “Revival”, I did a piece on the revival of vinyl records. I talked to Franklin Fantini from Love Garden Sounds here in Lawrence, as well as Kyle Cook of Hitt Records and Justin Nardy of the band New Tongues (and previously Bald Eagle).

In addition to standard answers (it’s fun to collect, it sounds better) I got some perspectives on the love of records that hadn’t occurred to me before. But here’s something we can all agree on: Disc 1, Side 1 of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is AMAZINGGGG. Click below to listen. Or click here. I really don’t care.

Also, I want to be clear that I originally titled the piece “Revinyl-vival” but it got changed to simply “Revinyl” because apparently when you’re awesome people think you’re either childish or not serious about the decisions you choose to make.