A pile of sketches that put familiar characters in unfamiliar situations, beginning with the shadowy union of cult TV and, well, cults. Also, a group of three stooges man a missile silo, a PSA from the new supervillain in town, and Khalid Sheik Mohammed is a sportscaster!

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1. 197th Quarterly Meeting of the Sacred Whovian Order

A forty year-old British science fiction show that has its origins in laughably low-budget effects and ridiculous storylines, yet commands a near-religious devotion amongst its fans? Could this baffling phenomenon be explained by something sinister, perhaps even…. demonic? (Justin Wilson)

2. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Presents Sochi Winter Olympics With Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Internationally-renowned religious extremist and “9-11 Mastermind” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed made waves recently by disseminating a manifesto from his cell at Guantanamo, but that’s not all he’s been up to! DBVH offers you exclusive access to his latest career turn. (Scott Ross)

3. Nuclear Stooges

The Cold War is over, but somebody still has to watch over our nation’s stockpiles of nuclear missiles. This heavy responsibility is not for everyone. It requires discipline, vigilance, and the foresight to hold your hand sideways in front of your face so you don’t get poked in the eyes. (Phil Garland)

4. Dangerpus Industries is Coming to Town!

Entertainment personality Peter Carson explains the implications of the new Dangerpus Industries Inc. facility opening in your neighborhood. Recently discovered in the Dangerpus Industries media vault buried six-hundred feet below an active volcano in Latvia. Pay no attention to the strange lights in the sky. (Scott Ross)