“I wasn’t thrilled about the proposal to make a radio series about the Carpathia. I thought, ‘Great. Another show exploiting some distorted notion of patriotism to glorify narratives of conquest and cultural domination.’ Then I realized that basically the only people who listen are my grandmother and her friends. So if this latest cynical play on the public’s simplistic worldview has one thing going for it, I guess it would be its complete irrelevance to any significant aspect of popular culture. Keep it up.”

– Ensign Oliver “Ollie” Klozerhoff, helmsman aboard the USS Carpathia


 The Adventures of the USS Carpathia in Outer Space!!

Episode 5: When a Man Loves a Female Member of a Plant-like Alien Species, or, The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Menelaeans

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The crew enjoys a layover on an orbiting casino, until a rowdy gang of Menelaeans burst in and accuse Derby of kidnapping their captain’s daughter! Determined to stop an ill-advised wedding, the rival captains team up and pursue the love-struck couple across a grand tour of Tallinor Prime’s most romantic locales. Meanwhile, Faye helps Korgath experience the human activity known as gambling.

Scott Ross – Captain Jack Derby, Gleek’ta Nur Finsal
Phil Garland – Lt. James Perry, Pelanixor Nim Finsal
Justin Wilson – Ollie, Korgath
Sara Leavens – Engineer Faye Chinsky