Dancing Bear Variety Hour is on the road this episode, with sketches about Detroit cops, wild boars from Los Angeles, the return of Chopper Claude as a New York tour guide, and the tallest buildings in Topeka, Kansas.

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1. RoboDeskCop

A city plagued by white collar crime and regulatory noncompliance run rampant. A good cop gunned down in his prime. An experimental technology capable of bringing him back as the perfect crime-citing machine. Logical. Tireless. Organized. He is: RoboDeskCop. (Phil Garland)

2. The Vault: The Great Los Angeles Boar Stampede

A new feature, THE VAULT trains its unflinching eye on events from the past often overlooked by the history books. In this inaugural edition, we present those fateful hours when the city of Los Angeles was briefly held hostage by a rampaging herd of wild boars. (Justin Wilson)

3. Tallest Building in Topeka Awards, March Edition

We skipped a couple of months there, but have no fear! The return of sketches means the return of our vaunted Tallest Building in Topeka Awards. I won’t give anything away, but this month’s winner is a real tall building!

4. Tour Guide Claude in New York

It seems that things haven’t worked out for our favorite French existentialist weather-copter reporter. Claude now finds himself pointing out the sights as a Big Apple tour guide – though what could be a more fitting monument to man’s absurd, transitory  existence than the slavish worship of our commercial capital? (Phil Garland)