Well that last strip was a fun interlude, wasn’t it? But the hubbub has mostly died down and I figured I’d get back to the Box. The cartooning is in a bit of a flux right now – I feel like the Wildlife Facts were fun, but not all that exciting; Duckbox has been good, but I think it might require occasional breaks so it doesn’t wear thin; and apparently if I come home drunk and draw something incendiary I can get a lot of traffic and a lot of people telling me I’m a shitty artist.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah – I might take a bit of a Duckbox pause for now (unless I get people agitating against that) and fool around for a while. I’ve got some random strips I’ve been sitting on for a while, so I think I’m going to just experiment and have some fun. Who needs focus in a webcomic anyway?