Oh my! A new comic!! This is pretty exciting, hey? I feel like I should have some momentous words on the occasion of an update after a fairly generous “sabbatical”. But I’m pretty hungry and don’t feel like being on campus right now. Also I just remembered that my bike got a flat, which means I have to walk it down the hill, so I’m not too stoked about that adding to how long I have to wait before enjoying delicious food. Also I my fatigued/hungered state seems to be affecting my writing abilities, as the first draft of that previous sentence was anticipating “enjoying delicious foot.” Pretty sure that’s not a thing.

Anyway, here’s what I did this weekend. I’m pretty happy with it. I haven’t painted in a very long time. I really would like to cartoon more, but I still haven’t figured out a way to do it time efficiently – especially with projects like this. The last several weeks/couple months have been mostly devoted to writing projects. Maybe I ought to combine the two – anybody up for Duckbox: The Animated Series? I’d also be up for a live action version, maybe an HBO series: The BOX. Shift it to the post-midnight scheduling block and we could have DuckBoxxx. I’ll write ’em all, no adaptation too ridiculous!

I’m gonna go make a sandwich.